Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CSS Classes for ADF Faces Component

Whenever we work in ADF, we will have to customize ui components to our own theme and color scheme. Often people find it hard to find list of CSS classes for ADF components as it is not directly mentioned in Web Developers guide. Here is the link in which you can find complete list of CSS classes for all ADF components

ADF CSS Selectors

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Android Permissions

In Android, an application needs permissions from user to use certain type of resources e.g. if your application wants to have functionality to read user's contacts, then you need permission "READ_CONTACTS" permission. Similarly in order to use internet of user's device, you need "INTERNET_PERMISSION". There is a long list of permissions which you have to include if you want to use a particular type of functionality in your application. This list is documented in Manifest.permission class.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ActionListener versus Action

Action method is used to perform navigation and ActionListener is used to perform some logic in backing bean.While it is possible to define a backing bean method that performs navigation and binds the method to the actionListener attribute, this is not best practice. Instead, application logic should be placed in the backing bean method to which the actionListener is bound. Following successful execution of that method, the ADF Faces lifecycle will call the method or control flow case specified by the action attribute. If the method bound to the actionListener fails, developers can change the action outcome to suppress navigation so that the user has the opportunity to correct the issue.