Monday, February 14, 2011

Changing Context Root of application during deployment in Weblogic

Configuring Applications for Production Deployment: "You cannot use a deployment plan to change the context-root in an application.xml file. However, if an application is deployed as a library, you can either change the context-root through an weblogic-application.xml file or use the deployment plan to change the context-root in an weblogic-application.xml file."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Using request Parameters in ADF Taskflow router

In order to use request parameters or parameters which are appended as query string in URL invoked ADF Taskflow, you will have to do two steps:
  • Define a new parameter in "Input Parameter Definition" of taskflow and assign to it value of request parameter by


    Actually ADF fetches request parameters and places in pageFlowScope when you call a Taskflow from URL
  • Now use this newly defined parameter anywhere you want like in a condition of router by this

    #{pageFlowScope.parameterName == 'some conditional value'}
If you want to access this value in model layer e.g. after condition you want to execute a method, you can pass it as parameter or you can also access it programmatically by this: